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The nobility of wood invites us to dream, to imagine different forms, shapes and relieves, and, once one has learned to work wood, a never-ending contact with it becomes essential and necessary. Beyond every stroke of the gouge on the veins, a new silhouette and a new scent waiting to be part of the work are discovered.


Martín Darío Lopizzo

Marzo 2006


Introduction. Welcome! My name is Martín Darío Lopizzo. I was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in August 1974 and through this web page I will try to show you some of the objects in which I have been working for some years.


My early stages. My love for this craft began some time ago when I was looking for an activity outside work with which I could relax myself and express my own feelings at the same time. That is how I first knew the wood crafts and carving; somehow by chance, somehow purposefully looking for it, since I now feel that my love and affinity for this material have always dwelt in me.


My first steps as professional. My first works were just small carved pieces I dared to do “by curiosity”, till I decided to contact some argentine masters who offered me all their experience and professionalism in this delightful art, but mainly, they showed me the constant way to perfection, so necessary in this as in any other activity.


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